PROPERTY CRIMES In Pennsylvania there are many different charges for crimes against property some of the charges are as follows.

(1) Receiving Stolen Property
(2) Theft (Embezzlement)
(3) Shoplifting
(4) Forgery
(5) Credit Card (Access Card)
(6) Criminal Mischief
(7) Robbery
(8) Burglary

If you are facing any of these charges make no mistake they are all very serious. In today’s day and age more and more employers are conducting criminal background checks before hiring an employee and often run random checks thereafter, if convicted of any of these charges, they may affect your ability to gain employment or continue employment. I will take the time to sit down with you and examine the facts of your case, as well as the evidence, and give you a fair and honest assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the commonwealth’s case. In many cases there may be a defense or defenses to the charges. In other cases where there are few defenses I still may be able to work out a favorable plea agreement, in which you may serve probation or house arrest instead of going to prison.